Just because the transportation industry has been around for ages doesn’t mean it can’t be revolutionized. Similar to the way a paper airplane glides through a room, we create smooth “here to there” experiences that will be the easy part of your day. It might be a doctor’s appointment, physical therapy, school, dialysis, or Bingo night, but we’re here to make the journey effortless and efficient.


Why Choose

We are driven by a powerful why – knowing the impact our transportation can have on a person’s life. When someone is in our vans, they are in between two places and you never know what those two places hold, so we take great care to make those minutes count. We know the values of persistence, continuous improvement, innovation, and integrity. The ability to connect with those we serve has served us well, and as we continue to experience success, so will you.

GLYDE RYDES began as an idea on a back porch and has grown to a fleet of vans operating in multiple regions. We are powered by the best technology, hire the best people, and have invested in the best vans. We’ve combined operational excellence with an unparalleled level of care to design the industry-leading transportation experience. Book a trip with GLYDE RYDES today!


Connection – to each other, to our riders, and to the world around us adhering to the philosophy that things don’t happen in isolation.

Precision – meticulous and accurate practice in operations acknowledging we are only as good as our loosest cog.

Innovation – consistently seeking the most efficient and effective solution, never reinventing a good working wheel but always asking the question if we should.

Integrity – when no one is looking we do the right thing for everyone, every time.


To create a seamless transportation experience that empowers our riders to connect with the world around them by providing an innovative and efficient solution to support their journey.


To revolutionize the transportation industry.


Meet the Team