Our operation is all analytics, from where our vans are at any given moment to which vehicle needs an oil change and which roads are congested. We follow the philosophy that you can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are or who you are. Our integrated technology platforms give us deep insight and real-time analytics that drive us forward with unparalleled efficiency.

AI Powered Fleet Dash Cams

One camera, two videos. Our dash cams watch the road for potential hazards and send alerts in real time for drivers who are distracted. HD footage is available within minutes of any incidents and unsafe driving events are classified for overall driver performance and safety monitoring.

Fleet Management

We employ a fleet management system with GPS tracking, driver behavior monitoring with real-time alerts, route replay, and multiple reporting capabilities. Every driver receives a unique key FOB to track driving behavior. The system also informs drivers of traffic congestion, road work and other impediments to efficient routing.

Operations Platform & Portal

The backbone of our operation is a powerful operations platform with a portal available to partners so scheduling, tracking, alerts, data, and reporting are at your fingertips.

Operations Platform

  • Trip management and scheduling
  • Passenger CRM for notes, preferences, trip history, contact information
  • Billing
  • Reporting
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Fleet inventory
  • Route replay
  • Automated calls to client to confirm/cancel trips

Partner Portal

  • Schedule trips in advance
  • Change or cancel trips

  • Create standing orders (recurring trips)
  • Add special instructions
  • Notification of vehicle & driver information

  • Real-time updates of vehicle location by phone call, text or within the portal
  • Trip history details such as destination points, distance traveled, driver name, etc.

Fleet Maintenance

Our integrated fleet maintenance system tracks:

  • Pre and post trip inspections
  • Oil changes, tire rotations, & other service reminders
  • State registration reminders
  • Preventative maintenance that is auto-scheduled based on manufacturer recommendations
  • Detailed service history for every vehicle

Data & Reporting

Regular reports can be generated and delivered with ease from the GLYDE RYDES vehicle telematics system:

  • Real-time reporting of miles driven vs. original estimates
  • Amount of time passenger spent in the vehicle
  • Wait times
  • Number of trips performed by each vehicle
  • Daily Audit Reports (to make sure all trips have been assigned a vehicle & driver)
  • Real-time activity and current ETA of all vehicles at any time